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Life can be tough. Especially if you’re a video game character like Carl and Frances – two Principal Commanders in the first person shooter “Ring Planet”. Facing death, gunfire and relentless teabagging at the hands of their players, they’re also forced to deal with the fact they’re stuck in this game indefinitely. Together.


Carl – Stoic, tough and loyal, Carl has accepted his role as a Principal Commander. Follow orders, be efficient, check your feelings at the door. He’s the model soldier hard at work and always keeps his personality contained.

Frances – An effeminate peacemaker who would do anything to escape the confines of the Ring Planet realm. Sharing his feelings, questioning the world around him, or just getting to know his teammates – that’s what Frances carries in his arsenal.


UTH Logo_04What is “Under The HUD”?
“Under The HUD” is a comedy web series for gamers (and anyone who enjoys a laugh.) Created with no budget, this is the first foray into animation for Triangle Productions. We’re also very proud to be the first web series to utilize Microsoft’s Kinect as a motion capture device. All the animation you see is a combination of the Kinect’s 3D camera, some fancy middleware and Producer Geoff Richardson’s knowledge of VFX software. Written by Ryan Pears and Holly Pavlik, all three team members directed the show together. “Under The HUD” stars the voice talents of Quentin Grace and Ryan Pears.




Triangle_Logo_01About Triangle Productions:
Formed in Vancouver in 2007, Triangle Productions is dedicated to producing quality entertainment for gamers. When creator/producer Geoff Richardson saw a void of narrative shows for gamers he brought writer/director Ryan Pears on board to help create their first live action show “Thwackers”. Funded entirely with money found between Geoff’s couch cushions, the first three episodes were released in the fall of 2009. But lacking the loot to continue, Geoff turned his attention toward animation as an inexpensive way to continue working. In early 2010 writer Holly Pavlik joined the team to help spawn the animated series “Under The HUD”. Triangle is also planning a new live action series.

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