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Under The Blog


Frostbite + HUD = Awesome

We’re very excited to be joining forces with Frostbite Pictures! Together we’ll be working to make HUD bigger and better. Stay tuned for many exciting updates to come!


See Us @ PAX 2013

Are you going to PAX on Friday? Well we are! We don’t have any official event happening but if you’ve seen the show and want to say hi, let us know on Facebook or shoot us an email. We’d love to say hi, grab a drink, or stay up all night to get lucky. No wait, that’s the song I’m listening to.

Hope to see you there!


UTH Showcases at Vancouver Fan Expo 2013

Ryan, Holly and I premiered Under the HUD to the special few who came by our table at the FanExpo 2013 Vancouver. We had a great time introducing attendees to our show.



Welcome to Under The HUD…

What is Under The HUD?
Under The HUD is a comedy web series for gamers (and anyone who enjoys a laugh.) Created with no budget, this is the first foray into animation for Triangle Productions. We’re also very proud to be the first web series to utilize Microsoft’s Kinect as a motion capture device. All the animation you see is a combination of the Kinect’s 3D camera,

Read More…

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